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What is FNAF?

Five Nights at Freddy's, the critically acclaimed indie game franchise, has arrived in full force in Miniplay - have you tried it yet?

Five Nights at Freddy's, also known as FNAF, is a horror game in which you play as Mike Schmidt, a newly hired security guard for a fast food restaurant's night shift. Isn't it a monotonous job? Only at night do the animatronic dolls come to life and roam the restaurant halls, transformed into deranged killers eager to avenge their plight.

Game Rules

As a security guard, you must survive the night and ensure that the dolls do not escape and cause chaos and terror wherever they go. You will have a number of tools at your disposal to accomplish this.

Check your sentry box and the security cameras to see which dolls have awoken and where they are in the restaurant. Turning on the lights can scare them away, and closing the doors is the only way to stop some of them. But be careful, you only have so much energy each night, and you can't keep all your defenses up all the time or they'll wear out, leaving you vulnerable to any doll with bloody intentions.

How to play FNAF

Using Mouse

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