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Siren Head Sound of Despair

Sirens are a beautiful and captivating species, with their deep, low voices and enchanting song. However, when those voices become corrupted and turn to despair, they can be truly scary. In this Halloween inspired game, you play the role of a Sirena who must fight to save her domain from the evil influence of the Wind Sirens. You will power up according to your performance in each level. The more levels you complete the higher your score will be. Try your best to beat your highest score and show everyone how scary you can

How to play Siren Head Sound of Despair

Key Features Awesome 3D graphics Scary monster Easy controls 3 type of weapons: Axe, Gun and Shotgun Game can be played in first or third person mode. Instruction Mouse 1 : fire weapon Mouse 2 : raise sights or block W, S, A, D : move player Left Shift : sprint Left Ctrl : crouch X : prone Space : jump F : use item R : reload H : holster weapon C : Change Camera View V : melee attack M: show map Esc or Tab: Pause

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