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Purble Place

What exactly is Purble Place?

Purble Place is an amazing game with three exciting game modes: Comfy Cakes, Purble Shop, and Purble Pairs. There are several editions to choose from, each of which is interesting and exciting in its own way. You may begin creating cakes after selecting a cream-decorated house. Begin by putting your talents to the test in the game's classic edition before continuing through the exciting gameplay environment. Only in this game can you have fun while also developing your memory, logic, and response speed, as well as learning how to solve roadblocks. To complete the game and go to the next level, you must improve your skills.

Because the three Purble Place game modes are self-contained, you can play them in any order you like.

Gameplay Guidelines

Purble Place is a game aimed at adolescents and pre-adolescents. However, I believe that there is enough entertainment here for everyone to have a wonderful time with Purble Place.

Windows Vista

Is it true that I'm currently discussing Windows Vista? That is the Purble Place narrative. It started out as a free game that came with the Windows Vista operating system. It has a cult appeal (similar to Minesweeper and that bizarre skiing game) and is now available for Windows 10.

Three In One

Purble Place's (often spelled Purple Place) feature is that it combines three games into one. These are puzzle games, and I am confident that you will enjoy at least one of them. Purble Place's presentation will not blow you away (as it did when it was first released), but it is adequate. There are various levels of difficulty available for gameplay. While this is a "kids" game, the more difficult stages are pretty difficult.

Purble Pairs

The first game I'd like to explain is Purble Pairs. As the name implies, this is a classic game duo. It begins simply, with only a few pairings to find, but as you go, more pairs are presented for you to find. Purble Pairs appeals to me first and foremost because pairs is a game that I have always found to be quite relaxing. This edition, on the other hand, has special cards with unique functions. A pair of Joker cards, for example, will bring you another pair. Master Chef, a clock card gives you more time to find all of the meal partners! These are amusing, and the opportunity to use them is really exciting.

Comfy Cakes

This is similar to a simplified version of the video game Overcooked. Comfy Cakes' concept is that you are a chef who will need some hand-eye coordination as you go through the levels. Cake orders arrive, and you must remove all of the items from the conveyor belt. You'll need to get the right cake shape, batter color, and so on. There are only three mistakes you can make before the game is over. The higher the level, the more quickly and tough things become. This is one of those games where you have to try to think two or three moves ahead. It's a fun game and one of the more suspenseful ones in Purble Place.

Purble Shop

Purble Shop is possibly my least favorite of the three. 

The idea is that you need to make a small guy look good. The AI will select colors for up to five different aspects of the person. This is the shape of their nose, mouth, clothes, and cap. It is not all five in the early phases. The colors will be provided by the AI, and you must decide which body component matches which color.

The early stages are really basic in the sense that if you get a couple of them right but some wrong, the AI will tell you which ones you got right. At higher levels, this is not the case. It will tell you the color you chose properly, but not which area of your body. This is a demanding task that will test your mental fortitude.


  • Beautiful presentation
  • Three distinct games in one
  • You may have a strong sense of nostalgia.
  • Purble Pairs is a fun take on pairs.
  • Comfy Cakes is exciting, entertaining, and tense.

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