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What exactly is Stressfle?

The word-guessing game Stressfle can be played by anyone, anywhere in the world. For each correctly guessed five-letter word, a set number of pins will be exposed. I invite you to play the game Stressfle with me to have some fun and test your vocabulary.

When you've found the letter, press the tiles to change their color. This action will also be displayed on the keyboard. If you like this style of game and want to find more like it, the Smixed collection is a fantastic place to start. Best regards!

Gameplay Guidelines

To compete, you will use your mouse to fill in the blanks by clicking and dragging the letters.

On that day, you'll be given five blank boxes to fill in order to come up with a valid and useful word. The letters will change color with each new fill if the term is correctly spelled. As you predict each five-letter word, a series of colored pins will appear. The pins are always arranged in the same order: green, orange, then white. The order of the letters in your guess or solution has nothing to do with their appearance in these clues.

  • The pin will become green if your guess matches the correct response letter for the letter.
  • Every orange dot corresponds to an estimate letter, albeit at a different point in the answer.
  • A white dot next to a letter in your guess means it does not occur in the correct answer.
  • To keep track of the letters you've found in the solution, tap the tiles in your guess to alter their colors. Similarly, comparable changes will be made to the keyboard.

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