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My Eyes Deceive

What is My Eyes Deceive?

My Eyes Deceive immerses players in a frightening narrative set within the constraints of a basement refuge, immersing them in a spine-chilling first-person psychological horror experience. The protagonist is a little girl whose life has been cloistered within this spooky shelter, hidden from a world plagued by a terrible disease and societal unrest. As players explore into the murky depths of this terrible scenario, the game unfolds a fascinating story of survival, mystery, and psychological trauma.

At its core, My Eyes Deceive is a psychological horror story that places players in the shoes of a protected little girl. Players must navigate a world contaminated by isolation, dread, and enigmatic occurrences while confined behind the shelter's walls. 

The game immerses players in an environment of dread and uncertainty, where the lines between reality and fantasy blur and unsettling visuals question the protagonist's understanding of reality.

Rules and Characteristics

  • My Eyes Deceive creates a dark environment within the subterranean refuge, using atmospheric tension, disturbing graphics, and unsettling sounds to immerse players in a genuine sense of terror and isolation.
  • Psychological Terror and Mystery: The game weaves a narrative rich in psychological horror and mystery, challenging players to confront their anxieties, negotiate a maze of uncertainty, and decipher the mysterious occurrences within the shelter.
  • Exploration and Survival: Players must explore the spooky hallways of the shelter, solve puzzles, acquire clues, and endure horrifying encounters while uncovering the dark truths that cloak the protagonist's history and present.
  • My Eyes Deceive has an immersive first-person perspective, putting players into the protagonist's shoes and heightening the suspense and dread as they navigate the frightening landscapes.
  • Unraveling a Gripping Story: The game enables players to unearth eerie truths and dig into the psychological depths of the protagonist's terrible journey through engaging storytelling and unsettling scenarios.

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