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What exactly is Chesstacle?

Chesstacle is an enthralling puzzle game that combines the elegance of chess with the excitement of overcoming complicated tactical and strategic problems. Unlike traditional chess, where players face each other, Chesstacle gives you with a pre-designed position in which you play both sides - the white and black pieces.

Chesstacle's goal is to find a series of moves that will lead to a winning position for the side you are playing. The problem will specify which side you must guide to victory - the white or black pieces. The game requires you to plan several movements ahead of time, examine various lines of play, and choose the most successful sequence of plays.

Gameplay Guidelines

To play Chesstacle, you must guess the best opening move, your opponent's best answer, and your winning move.
Moves are entered in algebraic notation, a typical method of representing chess moves on the board with letters and numbers. "Nf3" moves the knight to f3, while "d4" moves the pawn to d4.

The game provides feedback by changing the color of the tiles on the board after each guess. Green tiles show that a piece is in the proper place, yellow tiles indicate that it is on the correct rank or file but in the incorrect square, and red tiles indicate that it is not on the correct rank or file.

The "X" sign represents a capture, while the "=" mark, followed by the piece to which the pawn is promoted, represents a pawn promotion. The expression "a8=Q" means that the pawn on a8 should be moved to a queen on a8.

How to play chesstacle

Using mouse

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