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Don't wordle

What exactly is Don't Wordle?

Do you want a harder Wordle clone? Try Don't Wordle, a Wordle clone that will have you scratching your head. Don't Wordle, as the name suggests, does not allow you to guess words, but the rules remain the same. Don't Wordle is similar to Anti Wordle, except that it is significantly more difficult.

This Don't Wordle game appears to be straightforward, but the creators explain that "the catch is that your word guesses must be based on what you've learned from your previous guesses."

Gameplay Guidelines

Wordle's goal is to guess a certain five-letter word in six or fewer attempts. Don't Wordle's goal is to NOT guess the word.

The issue is that your word attempts must consider what you've learned from previous guesses.

  • Green letter: If you properly insert a green letter, all succeeding guesses must contain the same letter in the same position.
  • Yellow letter: If you place a correct letter in an incorrect location, all following guesses must have that letter in a different location.
  • White letter: You can no longer utilize guessed and removed letters.

The number of remaining valid words is presented at the top and lowers with each guess. If the number falls below a certain threshold, you can use one of your "UNDOS" to travel back in time.

Take precautions! If you accidentally enter the Wordle word, the game is over, even if you still have some UNDOs.

How to play Don't wordle

Using mouse

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