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What exactly is Vaajoor?

Vaajoor, inspired by Wordle, is a carefully built word-guessing game with a unique twist on the popular premise. Vaajoor, created by puzzle lovers, provides gamers with a new challenge every day. A preset word is picked as the puzzle to solve at the start of each day, setting the stage for a daily wordplay adventure.

The set word of the day is kept hidden until participants guess it. With each attempt, gamers receive useful feedback that helps them get closer to discovering the concealed word. The goal is to complete the puzzle in the fewest number of attempts possible, providing a daily mental workout that keeps players coming back for more.

Gameplay Guidelines

  • You have six chances each day to guess the word of the day. (At the very least) To guess, simply input the letters you want and press enter.
  • Following each guess, the color of each of your guessed residences will change to green, yellow, or red, allowing you to request help from them for the next guess.

How to play Vaajoor

Using mouse

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