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Infinite Immaculate Grid

What exactly is the Infinite Immaculate Grid?

Infinite Immaculate Grid is a new way for NFL fans to kill time during the offseason. Choose a player for each cell that meets the row and column criteria. Players have only nine guesses to predict all of the grid's locations properly.

The game is quite simple. It's a three-by-three grid with baseball teams and their statistics. The goal is to find a player who satisfies the requirements of each square on the grid.

Only nine guesses are permitted to fill the nine boxes with answers that correspond to the categories listed across the top and along the left side. Because most of those categories include teams, the correct answers are anyone who has played for the franchises listed at the top and bottom of each square.


This wordle-style game is easy to play, but there are some ground rules:

  • Select a player for each cell that meets the row and column requirements.
  • To be considered valid for a team, a player must have appeared in at least one MLB game for that team.
  • If you select a cell for a team and an award, the player must have gotten that award while playing for that team.
  • If a cell contains a team and a season stat, the player you select must have accumulated that statistic while playing for that team.
  • If you select a player with a rate stat (AVG, ERA, etc.) for a cell, that player must have accumulated that stat over the course of a full season.
  • A single-player can only be used once.
  • You have nine chances to complete the grid.
  • Every guess, whether correct or incorrect, counts as a guess.
  • You can forecast whether MLB players will be active or inactive.

How to play Infinite Immaculate Grid

Using mouse

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