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What exactly is Deceptle?

Word-guessing game Deceptle was definitely influenced by Wordle. Over a million people have downloaded this popular software. There are six rounds in the word-guessing game. Each round has a unique goal, which is to correctly guess each new phrase. Each estimate changes the color of the tiles, indicating how close you were to being correct.

Deceptle's color pallet consists of three distinct colors (green, yellow, and purple). Similarly to the conventional Wordle game, each color represents the degree to which your estimate and the genuine word are similar.

Gameplay Guidelines

Because the color changes provide feedback, you can improve your method for detecting the correct word and get closer with each attempt. Pay attention to the colors and adjust your guesses the next time to reduce the number of alternatives and increase your chances of accurately guessing the word within the allocated six attempts.

The color palette of Deceptle is green, yellow, and purple. Each color represents the degree of agreement between your estimate and the actual result.

  • Green: When a tile becomes green, it means your letter estimate is only one letter off. If we incorrectly pick "apple" for e x ample and the correct answer is "ample," the "p" tile turns green.
  • Yellow: When a tile becomes yellow, it means the correct letter is at least two letters ahead of your estimate. If you guess "apple" and the actual answer is "rider," for example, the "r" tile will turn yellow.
  • When a tile turns purple, the proper letter is two or more letters following Y. If we guess "apple" but the correct word is "buddy," the "b" tile turns purple for e x ample.

The input from color changes helps you fine-tune your plan. Keeping an eye on the color changes and revising your estimates will help you minimize your alternatives and increase your chances of correctly recognizing the words within the six-trial limit.

How to play Deceptle

Using mouse

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