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Guess It

Guess it give you the time of your life. It's a fun word-building and guessing game in which you must try your hardest to find the hidden word on the other side of the screen!

Allow your imagination to run wild, and once you start typing, pay attention to the color of the letters you use. If the letters are gray, it means the word does not contain any of them; if they are orange, it means one of the letters that form it exists but is in the wrong place; and if they are green, it means you got it right. To break all the records on the scoreboard, use the clues wisely and guess the correct word patiently and step by step. Best regards!

To play the social party game Guess It, divide the players into two teams (more will be added soon) and start the game by passing the phone to one of them. Let's also select someone from the opposing team to examine the player to see if he's abiding by the game's rules. After the round is completed, the opposing team takes their turn.

The player's goal is to help his team guess the keyword, which is visible at the top of the Guess It cards. The more words correctly guessed by the team in the shortest amount of time, the better! While describing the keyword, you are not permitted to use the forbidden words visible in the cards. You can also stop using gestures, similar words, and other things! 

How to play Guess It

Using Mouse

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