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hocus focus

Every day, a new riddle is posted. A clever hint to find something in a hidden image.

Swiping around the canvas adds large squares of color (whatever color is in the image right at your cursor). Overpaint an existing block with smaller blocks to reveal finer and finer details.

Once you've determined your goal, click it to stop the timer. However, don't make wild guesses. Every incorrect click costs you ten seconds.

You can earn up to five stars by completing the timed checkpoints. Some puzzles are difficult to solve. Don't worry... you're supposed to be perplexed. Everything will make sense once you win. To compete with friends, copy and paste your score into a message or post it on social media.

Should you spend time learning about a photograph's overall context or focus on a specific area of interest? Which area warrants further investigation? What exactly is the meaning of that riddle? Are you daring enough to place a wager? I'm not certain. I'm just the game's designer.

How to play hocus focus

Using mouse

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