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Keyword Game

What exactly is the Keyword Game?

If you recall what keyword from Washington Post Games you were playing, you'll want to try this online music game based on the well-known wordle game.

Keyword washington post is a wordle game that you can only play once per day. This game also has a similar sharing option, where you may copy a series of emoji to your clipboard and share how quickly you guessed the music with others.

Gameplay Guidelines

Find the 6-letter keyword. Letters must spell words both across and down. The goal is to get the keyword in the quickest amount of time and with the fewest guesses. Six accurate guesses equals a perfect score.

The score summary screen occurs after completing a keyword. It shows the total number of times you've played, the average guesses, and the average time it takes to solve each term. It also gathers keywords from the previous 7 days and allows you to play keywords that you have recently missed.

  • Recognize 6 letters across.
  • Letters must spell words both across and down.
  • To guess a letter, select a square.

How to play Keyword Game

Using mouse

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