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What is Nguessr?

Nguessr is an online game that challenges players to guess the nationality of a country within just five attempts. Drawing inspiration from popular guessing games, Nguessr adds a unique twist by providing players with informative hints after their initial guess, helping them narrow down their options and make more informed decisions.


Players are presented with a country name and must guess its nationality within a limited number of attempts. The objective is to accurately identify the nationality of the country based on the information provided. Players have only five attempts to guess the nationality of the country. This limitation adds a strategic element to the game, encouraging players to make educated guesses and use deduction to narrow down their options.

After each guess, Nguessr provides players with informative hints to help them refine their guesses. These hints could include clues about the language spoken in the country, its geographical location, its cultural attributes, or other relevant information. The hints assist players in making more informed decisions as they progress through the game.

Game Features

  1. Variety of Countries: Nguessr may feature a wide range of countries from around the world, ensuring that players encounter diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds during gameplay.

  2. Visuals and Graphics: The game may include visually appealing graphics and user-friendly interface design to enhance the gaming experience. Players may be presented with maps, flags, or other visual cues to aid in their guessing.

  3. Difficulty Levels: Nguessr may offer multiple difficulty levels to cater to players of varying levels of geographical knowledge and experience. Players can choose the level that best suits their expertise, ensuring an appropriate challenge for everyone.

  4. Leaderboards: The game may include a leaderboard system where players can compare their scores and achievements with others. This fosters competition and motivates players to improve their geographical knowledge and guessing skills.


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