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NYT Spelling Bee

What exactly is the NYT Spelling Bee?

The NYT Spelling Bee is a daily word puzzle that features a honeycomb-like grid of letters with seven letters surrounding a central letter. The goal is to make as many words as possible out of the letters provided. There is, however, a catch: the game chooses one particular letter as the "center" letter, and all legitimate words must include this central letter.


Word Formation: Using the letters provided in the grid, players must construct words of at least four letters. Each word must contain the core letter.

A "pangram" is a word that contains all of the letters in the grid at least once. Players are urged to solve each challenge by finding the pangram. Finding the pangram grants you extra points and improves the overall challenge.

Word Lengths: Words can be any length, but they must be at least four letters long to be valid.

Daily Challenge: A new puzzle is presented every day, with a fresh letter combination and a new center letter. Players have 24 hours to finish the challenge and submit their responses.


The "NYT Spelling Bee" assigns points based on word length:

  • 1 point for four-letter words
  • 2 points for five-letter words
  • 6 points for six-letter words
  • 5 points for seven-letter words
  • 7 points for Pangram

Players gain more points when they find the pangram or create longer words, which raises their overall score.

How to play NYT Spelling Bee

Using mouse

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