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Outlets Rush

What is Outlets Rush?

Outlets Rush is a strategic time management game in which players create and operate their shopping metropolises. What is your ultimate goal? To build this city into a retail empire using your entrepreneurial skills. In this game, the thrill of tycoon skill is coupled with idle gaming delights and a thrilling shopping experience.

Outlets Rush emerges as the ideal playground for aspiring retail magnates, fusing strategic time management with entrepreneurial prowess. Put yourself in the shoes of a retail magnate and embark on an exciting journey to build and run your bustling shopping city. Let us investigate the definition, rules, and unique elements of this enthralling game.

Game Rules

The gameplay mechanics of Outlets Rush give a series of guidelines that lay the groundwork for your retail success:

  • Strategic Retail Planning: As the boss of this retail utopia, you're responsible with creating and maintaining a shopping mall brimming with different products ranging from sports gear to opulent luxury brands.
  • Tailored Outlet Placement: Players can strategically arrange and manage different brands within their stores. Starting with a little section, your astute customer service and happiness will grow this space into a large store, attracting additional customers.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Success is dependent on customer satisfaction. Satisfying your customers not only expands your store but also ensures a continual influx of interested shoppers.


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