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What exactly is Pictle?

Pictle was inspired by Wordle, a popular word-guessing game. This game uses Wordle rules and lets you to utilize a photo from the previous week's Wordle problem. Wow!!! Isn't it really intriguing? Pictle has a lot of great features, so sign up right away!

Gameplay Guidelines

To complete the activity, players must move the mouse and enter responses. Players may not utilize the same letter combination more than once, and doing so will result in a point deduction. Gimme nodes can automatically finish three lines, but they are not counted toward your single-letter total. If you've never used the Gimme before, use the reset button to start anew. To correct any mistakes, double-click the row below.

You are a sharp thinker who is passionate about the game. You're looking for an intellectual or physical challenge and realize that word-guessing games might be a fun way to relax. We wish you all the best!

  • When you touch the Gimme button, you will finish up to three lines automatically; these lines will not count against the total number of letters required to complete the puzzle.
  • If you haven't claimed a freebie yet, select "Reset" to begin over.
  • You can edit your forecast by double-clicking on a row below the one you want to change. Bring your friends and let's have a wonderful time!


How to play Pictle

Using mouse

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