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What exactly is Proximity?

Wordle, a popular word-guessing game, inspired Proximle. The goal is to correctly predict the daily word six times in a row. After each estimate, the color of the game tile changes to represent how accurate or close it is. Proximle is an excellent game. I hope you have a good time with your game!

Proximle is a fun word-guessing game inspired by its illustrious forefather, Wordle. The objective is to correctly guess the daily word in six attempts while using a color-based feedback system to aid in identification. The cells on the game board change color after each guess to represent how close or far the supposed word is.

Gameplay Guidelines

Proximle tests players' word-solving abilities by providing them with six chances to guess daily words through inference and the process of elimination. The game's main purpose is to present players with a fun and challenging word-guessing experience that motivates them to enhance their word recognition and reasoning abilities.

The color of the tiles will change depending on how well you predict when you will move. Each color in Proximle represents a different meaning.

  • A green tile indicates that the expected letter is in the correct word position. In other words, you successfully guessed the letter in the correct location.
  • The yellow tiles indicate that you have selected the correct letter, however, it is located elsewhere in the word. The border of the tile corresponds to the letter you selected on the QWERTY keypad. It's there, but not in the place you expected.
  • A red tile on a QWERTY keyboard represents a letter that does not appear to belong to the word or shares a boundary with the right character. The predicted letter does not appear in the actual word or is located near it.

You can learn more by seeing the color change after each estimate. This information will help you improve your predictions and select the correct word within the six attempts.

How to play Proximle

Using mouse

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