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What is RareWordle?

RareWordle is a word puzzle game that brings a breath of fresh air to the genre. Unlike traditional word games, RareWordle tasks players with guessing the most obscure word among a group of solutions that all use the same letters. This game rewards players who can uncover the most archaic and forgotten words from the English language.


  • Multiple Solutions: In RareWordle, each puzzle presents players with a group of words, all created using the same set of letters. The challenge is to guess the rarest and most obsolete word from this group in just 8 tries.

  • Common Letters: After each guess, the tiles will change color to indicate which letters are common between your guess and the words in the solution group. This visual cue helps players narrow down their options and make more informed guesses.

  • Limited Attempts: With only 8 tries to guess the rarest word, players must use their linguistic skills and deductive reasoning to make each guess count. This rule adds an element of strategy to the game.


  • Word Diversity: RareWordle offers a rich diversity of words and challenges players to explore the depths of the English language. It encourages players to uncover words that have long been forgotten or neglected.

  • Visual Clues: The color-changing tiles provide a visual representation of the common letters in your guess and the solution group. This feature is not only helpful but also adds an element of excitement as players strive to decipher the rarest word.

  • Intellectual Stimulation: RareWordle goes beyond mere vocabulary. It stimulates players' critical thinking skills as they analyze patterns, consider linguistic history, and delve into the annals of forgotten words.

  • Educational Value: This game offers a unique opportunity for players to expand their vocabulary by discovering words they may have never encountered before. It's an educational yet entertaining experience.

  • Strategic Gameplay: With only 8 attempts, RareWordle rewards players who can strategically select words that are likely to be the rarest. It's a game that challenges you to think carefully and make the most of each guess.

How to play RareWordle

Using mouse

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