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What exactly is Smartle?

Smartle is a word-based puzzle game in which you rearrange letters on a 5x5 grid to form horizontal 5-letter words. There is always at least one correct solution in the game.

Smartle is a challenging word puzzle game in which players must re-arrange letters to form horizontal 5-letter words across all five rows of the field. The game is an excellent approach to challenge your linguistic abilities while also exercising your brain in a fun and engaging way.

Gameplay Guidelines

  • The game begins with 25 letters being placed at random on a 5x5 square grid.
  • The goal of the game is to rearrange the letters into horizontal 5-letter words across all five rows of the field.
  • There could be several valid word combinations.
  • By trading any two letters, players can rearrange the letters on the field.
  • If a player can make 5 horizontal words, they will receive 5 stars. They will receive four stars if they can produce four words, and so on. To gain at least one star, first create one horizontal word.
  • When a player has achieved the maximum amount of stars, the game is over, and they are free to explore any other possible combinations.

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