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What exactly Topicle is?

Topicle is a word-guessing game that introduces a refreshing twist to the genre. Instead of the traditional format, where players guess a single word, Topicle tasks players with unveiling four words that revolve around a unique daily topic or theme. These topics encompass a broad spectrum of subjects, from historical events and famous personalities to idiomatic expressions and pop culture references.

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Game Rules 

To succeed in Topicle, players must adhere to a set of rules that challenge their linguistic prowess and deductive reasoning:

  1. Five-Letter Guesses: Each guess in Topicle must consist of a five-letter word. This limitation adds complexity to the game, as players must select words that fit the thematic context while being precisely five letters long.

  2. Eight Guess Limit: You have a maximum of eight attempts to uncover all four Topicle words. This rule intensifies the gameplay, requiring players to strategize and make calculated guesses.

  3. Feedback via Tile Colors: After each guess, Topicle provides feedback through tile colors. These colors serve as vital clues:

    • Green Tiles: Indicate that a letter is both correct and in the right position within a word.
    • Yellow Tiles: Show that a letter is correct but in the wrong position.
    • Gray Tiles: Represent letters that do not belong to any of the four words.
    • Red Tiles: Indicate letters that are entirely incorrect.
  4. Deductive Thinking: Use the feedback to eliminate incorrect letters and refine your guesses, progressively uncovering the hidden Topicle words. This process of deduction is a cornerstone of Topicle's gameplay.

Topicle's Features

  • Daily Themes: Topicle's allure lies in its daily themes. Each day brings a new topic, offering players a diverse array of challenges that cater to their interests and encourage exploration of various subjects.

  • Vocabulary Enrichment: As players tackle different themes, they have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary. Topicle encourages linguistic growth by compelling players to think outside the box and explore words and concepts related to the daily theme.

  • Strategic Engagement: With only eight guesses at their disposal, players must employ strategy. Topicle rewards those who think critically, plan their moves and leverage the feedback provided to optimize their chances of success.

  • Community Interaction: Topicle boasts an active online community of players who share strategies, insights, and achievements. Engaging with fellow players can enhance the overall gaming experience and foster a sense of friendly competition.

  • Endless Challenge: The ever-changing daily themes and limited attempts ensure that Topicle remains an engaging and enduring word-guessing game. It promises an intellectual challenge every day, making it an appealing choice for word game enthusiasts.

How to play Topicle

Using mouse

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