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TrollFace Quest: Horror 3

This is a short horror story. It’s based on a true story I heard while growing up in the village of Trollfjord in Norway. A family friend told me her brother’s girlfriend fell down the stairs and died after being hit on the head with a rock by their neighbor. The police didn’t believe her and they closed their investigation, but her stunned sister-in-law insisted that she hadn’t been playing when she got the rock thrown at her. The neighbor must have seen something because he came forward, admitted to it, and asked for forgiveness. The rest is history: he was imprisoned for life and his wife became a recluse.A couple of years later, my cousin was walking home from school one evening when she saw a man pushing an old woman out of his way at the corner store. Before she could react, he grabbed her from behind and shoved her into an alleyway. When she turned around, there was no sign of him or his partner, who must have been following behind them in a car parked nearby. She ran home for help as fast as possible and found her husband at work at another company that same day. He had no idea what happened — until now. It turns out the couple had been observing my cousin at all times while they waited for their next victim to come outside to buy cigarettes or snacks… But why? And what do they want? This was just one example of many people having experiences

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Using Mouse

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