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What exactly is Yeezle?

Yeezle is a compelling and hard word-guessing game that combines Kanye West's legendary music with the popular Wordle word-guessing style. Players have eight chances to decipher a mystery song from any of Kanye's 12 studio albums in this game. It will put your Kanye West music knowledge and lyric recognition skills to the test. Let's get into Yeezle's mechanics and thrills.

Gameplay Guidelines

Yeezle uses Wordle's classic gameplay format. The gaming interface displays a blank grid that represents the name of the mystery music. Each row of the grid corresponds to a line from the song, and each column to a letter in the word. Players get eight chances to fill in the missing letters.

To begin, the game gives players a tip about the mystery song, which could be a clip of the lyrics, a reference to the album to which it belongs, or any other hint relating to the music. This hint is critical for narrowing down Kanye West's extensive catalog of songs to find the perfect one.

  • Green in any column indicates a perfect match!
  • This attribute is highlighted in yellow if it is within 2 (albums or songs), with an arrow indicating whether it is higher () or lower ().
  • In the track length column, the color yellow indicates that the song length is less than 30 seconds, with an arrow indicating whether it is greater () or less ().
  • Yellow in the featured artist's column indicates that at least one of the listed artists is correct.

How to play Yeezle

Using mouse

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