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What exactly is Yordle?

Yordle is an exciting brain teaser that tests your League of Legends champion knowledge. In this interactive game, players must guess the champion's name in six tries. The color of the tiles changes with each estimate, providing useful feedback on how close or distant the guess is from the true champion's name. Prepare to unleash your champion prowess as you set out to conquer the Yordle League Word Puzzle!

Gameplay Guidelines

In this intriguing word problem, Yordle, the little but formidable denizens of Runeterra in the League of Legends universe, takes center stage. Players are given a series of tiles that represent the letters in the champion's name. The goal is to identify the champion's name using educated guesses within the time limit of six attempts.

With the changing hues of the tiles, Yordle offers an intriguing touch. Each visitor is greeted with a graphic response indicating the level of accuracy in the guess:

  • Correct Letter in Correct Location: When a letter is in the correct location, the tiles glow green.
  • Correct Letter in the Wrong place: Tiles become yellow, signifying that a letter from the champion's name is present but in a different place.
  • Incorrect Letter: The tiles stay the same color, emphasizing that the guessed letter does not appear in the champion's name.

Players can change their following guesses and get closer to discovering the champion's identity thanks to this straightforward feedback mechanism.

How to play Yordle

Using mouse

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