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What is aground?

Aground is a unique Mining/Crafting RPG that pushes the genre's boundaries, providing players with an unforgettable adventure that effortlessly integrates exploration with a fascinating overarching purpose and storyline. Fancy Fish Games created this game, which takes players on a journey into a complex and immersive universe where the traditional mechanics of crafting and building are infused with a deeper purpose that goes beyond simple survival.


In Aground, players become engrossed in a gripping story that emerges as they continue through the game. The exploration aspect is enhanced as players journey across a huge and diverse world, meeting new non-player characters (NPCs), discovering advanced technologies, and even diving into the mysteries of magic. The game creates a dynamic and growing environment that keeps players interested, providing not just the excitement of discovery but also the difficulty of understanding the mysteries hidden within the game's vast cosmos.

Features of the Game

Unlike classic Mining/Crafting RPGs, Aground asks players a novel question: will they be able to perform remarkable feats like breeding dragons, launching into space, and exceeding the literal limits of the sky? This overarching aim provides an extra layer of excitement and motivation to the traditional survival-oriented gameplay, giving players a sense of purpose and success as they work to attain these major milestones.

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