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Geometry Dash

What exactly is Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash by RobTop Games is a popular smartphone game. To create a fascinating and fast-paced gaming experience, platforming components are blended with rhythm-based principles. The purpose of the game is simple yet difficult: navigate a series of obstacle-filled levels while keeping your movements in rhythm with the exhilarating sounds.

Gameplay Guidelines

The basic goal of Geometry Dash is to navigate a geometric figure, sometimes referred to as a "cube," across a level without colliding with any obstacles. Each level is meticulously designed, complete with spikes, saw blades, and other hazards that must be avoided with precise timing and quick reflexes. Expect tremendous hardships as you progress through the game.

Controlling the cube in Geometry Dash is straightforward. Tap the screen to cause the cube to jump, then hold down to for it to jump even higher. Your tap time is crucial since it determines how high or far the cube will jump. To conquer the game's difficult stages, you must practice and find the right pace.


  • Rhythmic Action Platforming!
  • There are numerous levels with distinct soundtracks!
  • You can create and share your own levels by using the level editor!
  • Users generate thousands of high-quality levels!
  • Unlock additional symbols and colors to customize your character!
  • Fly rockets, manipulate gravity, and much more!
  • Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!
  • Many achievements and honors!
  • Experiment with the seemingly impossible!

How to play Geometry Dash

Using Mouse

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