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Super Mario Bros.

What exactly is Super Mario Bros.?

Let's start playing Super Mario Bros. right now to save Mushroom Princess!!! The Mushroom Princess has been captured by the evil Koopa turtle tribe.

When playing, the player takes on the role of Mario and must travel throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. The player must face the evil forces of the game's villain, Koopa, in order to save Princess Toadstool. To win the game, Mario must reach the flag pole at the conclusion of each level. The player must gather coins dispersed around the game. There are also question mark bricks that, when struck, expose additional coins and odd objects. If time allows, it is vital to hit further bricks because they may hold rare commodities or money.

Mario becomes Super Mario after eating a mushroom, increasing his size and granting him the ability to demolish blocks above him. He will regain awareness but will not die if he is struck while in this state. When Mario eats a Fire Flower, he transforms into Fire Mario, capable of launching bouncing fireballs from his hands. When he comes into contact with a bouncing Super Star (which also provides a power-up opportunity), he transforms into Star Mario.


  • You must work rapidly and even more quickly to complete this mission.
  • The Mushroom Princess has been captured by the evil Koopa turtle tribe.
  • It is your obligation to save her from the Koopa King's clutches before time runs out.
  • You must climb mountains, cross seas, escape bottomless pits, and face turtle troops and a plethora of black magic traps to save the princess.
  • The SUPER MARIO BROS are back with yet another action-packed adventure.

How to play Super Mario Bros.

Using Mouse

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