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What exactly is Cuphead?

Cuphead is an engaging action game based on the Cuphead cartoon franchise that blends adventure and role-playing aspects. If you've seen the movie, you'll recognize the compelling plot, but the difficulties and tough gameplay are unexpected.

The game is developed in the previous decade's cartoon style, with 2D images and hilarious character designs. Despite its modest design and aesthetics, the incredibly enticing, highly challenging, and exhilarating gameplay keeps you glued to it.

Gameplay Guidelines

Cuphead's gameplay is simple, similar to titles with a horizontal perspective like Rambo or Contra. Players will combat the Devil's debtors as one of two characters, Cuphead or Mugman, in the game. They are monsters and their minions, and the player must combat and destroy them in order to pay the Devil's debt and continue through the stages.

The controls are simple; all you need to do is move forward, backward, jump, and attack. Control carefully in order to advance while avoiding opposing strikes. You can also press and hold the Attack button to constantly shoot at enemies, destroying them faster when the opportunity arises.

Because the character has three lives in every play, you can only be hit three times before failing and having to restart. Not only that, but you'll have to cope with "difficult" situations because these "debtors" aren't simple and are continuously launching destructive attacks. As a result, the game requires a high level of concentration, and you must handle it correctly, choose the ideal position, and avoid/attack with expertise in order to eliminate the enemy.

Each level has a "final boss" who can transform after being defeated, adding to the game's complexity. After changing their status, they will become extremely ferocious, their strength will grow, and they will attack the player. As a result, we're not sure if he can resurrect and grow stronger and harder while hiding behind a weak Boss. As a result, be focused while playing and always be prepared to fight to avoid losing your life unjustly.

How to play Cuphead

Using Mouse

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