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Arras IO

What is is a fan-made sequel to the game At the start of the game, the player controls a rudimentary tank and defeats polygons and other players in order to level up and upgrade his tank, get points, and improve his stats.

It is a traditional game format in which players compete against one another. The objective is to get as many points as possible by destroying other tanks.


In this game mode, players battle waves of opponents, with each wave getting more challenging. The objective is to live as long as possible.

Players battle other players and NPCs in a maze. The goal is to discover a way to the maze's center and win a prize.

After joining a lobby, you can instantly level up to level 45 by holding down the N key and selecting one of over 100 distinct classes, each with its own set of skill points that you can set by clicking on them or using the numerical keys. To protect and attack, use WASD to chase or flee, then left a click or space to shoot your opponents. In the settings menu, you may also modify the game by seeing and editing all of these key combinations. You can also select alternative themes and access additional features such as automatic leveling up and reduced graphics. There are also links to various tools, such as the custom theme builder, in-game proxies, and a private server template where you may design your own bespoke tanks!

How to play Arras IO

Using Mouse

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