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Richup IO

What exactly is Richup IO?

Richup IO is a web-based board game similar to Monopoly. You buy assets and build your own financial empire to compete with other players., a similar game to Monopoly, will appeal to you. Toss the dice and wait for them to roll until you win.

Are you ready to have a good time with Put your business skills to the test by playing this fun virtual version of the classic Monopoly game. To gradually build your great empire, roll the dice, move along the board, and invest in real estate.

This online Monopoly game is a fun way to practice your trading skills while having fun. Roll the dice, move up the board, and invest your money in assets to gradually build your great empire.

Rules of the Game

Each player will begin the game with a maximum investment of $1500. Will you be able to spend your money wisely enough to multiply it? Roll the dice to advance on your turn; if you roll doubles, you will have another turn! Grow your financial empire and collect the highest taxes in town every time an opponent lands on one of your properties - become the owner of almost the entire world and have fun!

Roll the dice and place your character on the board. If the location has a property, you can choose to buy it. When someone ends up on your property, they must pay you a fee. To increase your payout, buy all properties of the same type. Other positions on the board can have both positive and negative effects depending on the circumstances.

This game, like real capitalism, can be brutal: if money is at stake, your friend can turn on you in a split second, so stay vigilant and pursue your own interests while interacting with other players.

How to play Richup IO

Using Mouse

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