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Slither io

What exactly is is a snake game with glowing worms. Collect shining orbs to expand and climb the leaderboard. Other snakes, on the other hand, are the most nutritious food. So, defeat your opponents in the arena and eliminate their worms to collect their energy.

In game, you can slither through a live multiplayer arena collecting shining pellets. With each orb consumed, your snake grows a little longer and stouter. Other players can be defeated by slinking around them and causing their heads to collide with the body of your glow worm. After that, the other worm will erupt into a chain of brightly glowing energy globs for you to collect.

Gameplay Guidelines

Holding the mouse button or the up button increases your speed when attacking other players or fleeing from an opponent. For touchscreen devices, tap your screen twice and hold. However, keep in mind that increasing your speed will result in a shorter snake.

You can change the snake's skin by tapping "Change Skin" in the bottom left corner of the main menu. Then, in the lower right corner, tap the "Build a Slither" icon to choose a skin or design your own custom snake.

Reload the page after clicking the social media sharing button on the home screen to unlock special skins in this super game. By doing so, a new option in the lower left corner will appear from which you can choose a look from several options.

How to play Slither io

Using Mouse

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