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Arrozoid is an arcade game with simple and intuitive controls. It will test your reaction time and challenge you to beat your high is a super fun, simple, and addictive archery game. In this game, the player needs to shoot moving targets, avoiding the bombs that fall from the sky. The game ends when the player fails to hit any of the targets or shoot three bombs in a row. The player must tap on the screen to shoot at moving targets and avoid hitting falling bombs. Every few seconds, the speed of the targets increases until they become almost impossible to miss. 

In This game you have to shoot the balls in the basket. After each successful shot, the basket will move on a different level. You have to lift your finger when shooting so that the ball flies in a curved trajectory and does not fall outside the basket. If you can’t shoot for a few seconds, an assistant will help you out. Stay focused and become the best arrozoid player! How many waves of attack can you withstand? You have only 60 seconds to defeat as many enemies as possible. Be wary of their attacks, because they are unpredictable!

This one is a super addictive and challenging shooting game. Shoot the rice with your laser gun to make them grow, but avoid shooting the little white balls called " This game s". Arrozoid is a free and simple game that anyone can play. It has simple controls, nice graphics, and most fun! 

This game is a challenging and addictive arcade game. The goal of this game is to destroy the hoppers by shooting the same colored balls at them. You can shoot the ball by tapping on it, but it’s not that easy. You need to take aim, adjust your angle and shoot with precision to destroy the hopper. Try to beat your own best score and unlock a new level.

Are you good at shooting? It is time to test your skills and see if you can hit the target with a bow and arrow. You’ll need to be quick, accurate, and have the excellent hand-eye coordination to beat this fun archery game. Shoot the targets as they appear on the screen before time runs out! 

How to play Arrozoid

Using Mouse

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