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What exactly Betweenle is?

Betweenle is a word puzzle game that draws inspiration from the popular game Wordle. However, Betweenle introduces a unique twist to the word-guessing formula that sets it apart. The core objective remains the same: you must guess a hidden word. But here's the catch – this word is nestled within an alphabetically sorted dictionary.

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The Gameplay

Let's break down the gameplay into simple steps:

  • Word Dictionary: Betweenle's dictionary contains a vast collection of words, sorted alphabetically. The challenge begins with the selection of a secret word from this extensive list.

  • Your Guesses: Armed with a limited number of guesses, you'll start entering words from the dictionary. The game will then provide vital clues about the secret word's position in relation to your guess.

  • Hints: The game offers two key hints:

    • Orange Dot: This dot serves as an indicator, informing you whether the secret word is closer to the top or bottom word in the dictionary.
    • Text Hint: In addition to the dot, a text hint will tell you if the secret word appears before or after your entered word in the dictionary.
  • Strategic Thinking: Success in Betweenle isn't just about guessing randomly. It involves strategic thinking and deductive reasoning. Each guess should bring you closer to discovering the secret word by narrowing down the possibilities.

  • Limited Guesses: Bear in mind that you have a finite number of guesses. This adds an element of pressure and encourages efficient use of your attempts.

  • Victory: Your goal is to identify the secret word within the allotted number of guesses. The fewer guesses you use, the higher your score.

How to play Betweenle

Using mouse

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