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It's a game, but for some Packers players, it's also a test. The team recently introduced a new challenge in its locker room, which many may see as an excuse to leave early on the first day back from vacation. This little word game, however, is no laughing matter for several guys who have a vested interest in staying sharp come the regular season.

The word game is called 'Byrdle' (pronounced Burr-dle), and it works like this: Each player has up to seven attempts to correctly spell any given word. After each miss, they have another chance to get it right before moving on to the next word in the challenge. Congratulations if you get them all right the first time!

When you're playing Byrdle, everyone is a speller. The goal of the game is to spell words and stay in the game by spelling words without being eliminated.

Here's how it works: Players take turns reading a word from the word list and attempting to spell it. The first person to spell the word loses a turn and the game is reset to seven tries.

The number of tries before players must start over can vary depending on the number of people playing. For example, if there are only two players, they can go back three times before losing a turn. If you have four players, they can go back five times before losing again. It all depends on the number of participants.

How to play byrdle

Using mouse

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