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If you prefer to use your meteorology skills over your vocabulary, check out Cloudle, a cool new free game inspired by Worlde. It challenges players to fill out a weather symbol grid each day by predicting the five-day weather for a different random city around the world. It's fantastic, and it's Wordle with the weather.

Cloudle, which challenges you to identify a city's upcoming five-day forecast in six attempts, will appeal to meteorology enthusiasts. Your options are similar to the prediction iconography, such as sunny, overcast, partly cloudy, and so on.

In the typical Wordle fashion, you fill out a grid with guesses. We guess the forecast for the next five days in a random city by selecting weather symbols rather than typing words. Then, in typical Wordle fashion, it will tell us if a symbol appears in the forecast at all, if it does but not in the desired location, or if we correctly predicted it. You get six guesses for the daily puzzle. Have fun!

How to play Cloudle

Using mouse

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