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Cookie Clicker

What exactly is Cookie Clicker?

Orteil's Cookie Clicker is a simple yet addictive simulation game available for Android, iOS, and Windows. To earn more coins in the game, players will click to create cookies, earn coins, and upgrade shops, machines, and tools.

Cookie Clicker's graphics are created in a simple pixel style that meets the game's requirements. Cookie Clicker only has a single-player mode; there are no multiplayer or online modes. Because Cookie Clicker is a simple game with no objectionable content, there are no age restrictions.

Gameplay Guidelines

Clicker games with simple gameplay, as previously stated, have drawn players, including those who have never played video games before. Players can quickly master the game with just a mouse click and keyboard control.

Furthermore, these games are intended to be addictive by providing players with both a sense of powerlessness and strength. The fact that each game can be played independently adds to the appeal. Because everything is improving, you can be confident that you are making steady progress without having to play all the time.

Finally, almost all Clicker games are available for free. You can engage in these activities without fear of being charged. As a result, Clicker games are gaining popularity.

The player's only task is to collect as many cookies as possible in order to unlock new features such as helpers, skills, factory construction, and so on, all while earning more and more cookies.

To build a cookie planet, first collect a large number of cookies, then recruit more grannies to help you create more cookies, cookie factories, and mining mines. There's even a Cookie waterfall... and a Cookie temple.

How to play Cookie Clicker

Using Mouse

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