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Cookie Clicker City

What is Cookie Clicker City?

Cookie Clicker City is a great idle clicker game! Your mission is to click and create a large number of cookies before constructing a magnificent cookie metropolis.

In a barren realm, there lies a massive cookie waiting for you to mine. Do you want to start a country against a delicious cookie kingdom? This is a terrific idea that is quite cool. Join the extremely entertaining Clicker City cookie idle clicker game and use your imagination to build your favorite bakeries and companies.


Learn about the new game. Cookie Clicker metropolis, click to make a large number of cakes, then utilize the cakes to turn the empty area into a lively, contemporary metropolis.

As you begin the game, you will see the stunning scenery of the surrounding area. According to nature, time is rotated from day to night here.

Your mission is to click on the largest cake on a separate continent to produce an infinite number of tiny cakes. Use the amount of cake made to transform the area from primitive to modern-looking by purchasing precious objects that will aid you in the process of establishing a new sort of city, modern. The items and architecture you purchase will dramatically enhance the number of cakes you create; be patient with time since it will assist you much in generating a large number of cakes.

The game is broken into five development stages. You can build up to 18 structures to help you expand your city and boost production efficiency. This game has roughly 600 upgrades and 700 achievements to be unlocked. There are also a lot of interesting things to uncover.

When playing, a tiny bit of advice is to try to store cookies and increase the number of cookies received every click in order to obtain additional cookies.

How to play Cookie Clicker City

Using Mouse

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