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Cube 2048

What is Cubes 2048?

Cubes 2048 is an arena-style combination of Snake and 2048. Collect numbered cubes to grow larger, deceive your opponents, and survive as long as possible.

To eliminate all the other players, try to be the most powerful player in the game. If another player's cube is larger than yours, he will remove you if he touches you. Of course, you'll be able to attract smaller players as your cube grows. Continue to grow by adding equal bricks!


In this game, you will be confronted with cubes of varied values that will appear and slowly move forward. It's up to you to slide, mix, and match these cubes in order to reach the coveted 2048 value, escape defeat, and score the highest!

Special cubes with power-ups will spawn throughout the game to help you with this. This game will keep you involved and wanting to improve your skills for a long time thanks to its straightforward controls and fantastic sound effects.

How to play Cube 2048

Using Mouse

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