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Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is an addictive little game about feeding candy to a monster. If you like bringing together logic and cuteness in a single package, maybe you’ll like it.

Are you a Cut the Rope fan? Do you love candy? How about puzzles or physics games? If so, you’ll love this game! In this new version of the classic find-the-hidden-object game called Find the Candy, you will have to use your observation skills and logical thinking to find all the hidden sweets while playing as Om Nom. The cutest little green monster from Cut the Rope is hiding somewhere in each scene. There are different types of levels and challenges for each one of them. The goal is to find all the candy on each level before time runs out. Hidden objects can be found by clicking on them directly or by using secondary actions such as drinking something or using a magnifying glass. Some objects can only be found if you take another action first, so keep that in mind!

  • A new type of game inspired by one of the most popular apps from the Google Play Store: Cut the Rope.
  • More than 100 challenging levels with various difficulty levels that will test your logic and observation skills.
  • Discover hidden objects in many different scenarios: homes, gardens, shops, restaurants, hotels,

Are you ready to test your skills and help feed a hungry little monster? Download this free addictive game now and get ready to cut the rope! In Cut The Rope you have to feed candy to a small green monster named Om Nom. To do that, you need to cut the ropes holding the sweet treat above his head so it falls into his mouth. Sounds easy? Prove it! This challenging game will keep you engaged for a long time. Get ready for some serious brain twister with amazing graphics, simple controls, and challenging levels. If you like this game, also try our other similar addicting games listed below, or let us know what other games you would like to see in the future updates of this app. Let’s get started!

Cut the Rope is a fantastic and challenging puzzle game with a simple goal: cut the rope to let the candy fall and get it into candy-loving monster Om Nom’s mouth. It’s not as easy as it sounds, though, because you can’t just cut any rope, or the candy falls and you lose! Instead, you have to cut strategically to send the candy directly into Om Nom’s mouth. There are also various special challenges at each level that make things even trickier. If you love puzzle games, this one is for you.


How to play Cut the Rope

Controls Use the left mouse button to cut the rope or interact.

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