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Drift Boss

Drift Boss is basically drifting in a car. You need to be really good at parallel parking, cornering, and drifts, in general, to qualify for this race. Drift boss is a simple game where you control your car using only the left mouse button, left-click your mouse to accelerate, right-click it to brake, and shift gears using the down arrow key on your keyboard. In drift boss, you need to pass 20 levels in order to unlock the last one which has 40 levels of its own. The higher level you are the more challenging each level will be so select a level that is easy enough for you but hard enough that you get hooked. Once you unlock all levels, there will be more than 50 new ones waiting for you! Easily one of the most addicting games on this site with hundreds of user ratings, which means lots of people are already playing this game.

Drift Boss is a speed game in which drivers race around a closed course with the objective of achieving the highest speed by drifting (that is, using continuous countersteering and acceleration) on a specified length of the track. 

It is a form of car racing that involves driving in circles on a short racecourse. The objective of the game is to stay on track for as long as possible. Unlike other racing games, drifting is played without wheels; instead, the car uses an engine and transmission connected to multiple rear-wheel-drive axles. Drift Boss is a type of arcade video game where players take part in races by driving cars around an oval track. The objective of these games is to complete laps within a time limit. Control the car through different tracks and try to finish the course in the first place. All you need is great reflexes, good hand-eye coordination, and patience! Race through different drifting tracks at dizzying speeds while avoiding other cars, walls, and obstacles. Gain experience points bypassing checkpoints and completing laps. Use your points to upgrade your car's components or unlock new ones. 


How to play Drift Boss

Using Mouse

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