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Drive Mad

What is Drive Mad?

Drive Mad is a car game in which you must navigate an obstacle-filled track. Your goal is to cross the finish line unscathed. You must maintain a constant speed so that your car does not flip over. This is more difficult than it appears, as there are numerous thrilling and creative stunts and obstacles to enjoy.

The exciting 4x4 car game, through the incline and then go to the hill in Medan that varies greatly in the Mad game Drive. You can play Drive Mad for free online.

Drive Mad lets you pilot a monster car down a perilous road. You may encounter numerous challenges and roadblocks along the way. Can you walk right over them?

Game rules

On the screen, you can see your own yellow truck. It's on the difficult road with the rope bridges. To advance, you must defeat them. This game has 100 levels with varying difficulties. For example, in level 1, first gear, you only need to move forward without encountering any obstacles. To get to the destination on level 2 (backup), you must move backward. This retro-styled game will transport you back in time. Furthermore, with simple controls, children can enjoy this enjoyable game.

The goal of each level is to keep the truck safe until it reaches the end. The roads aren't particularly long, but they do present a variety of challenges. You can take the shaky rope bridge or the high stairs, which can tip your truck over. Even your truck will be transformed into a long car. To achieve your goal, you must first understand the situation and then devise a proper plan. In level 1, for example, you must keep moving forward. If you're bored, try out this driving game.

How to play Drive Mad

Using Mouse

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