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Daily game Duotrigordle Wordle can be played once a day in demanding daily mode or numerous times a day in practice mode. In contrast to the original Wordle and its variations like Sedecordle, Duotrigordle Words is a game where players must guess 32 words simultaneously on 32 boards.

Your objective when playing Duotrigordle Words is to predict as many words as you can. The object of the game is to create words by sliding a piece horizontally across the board.

Two sets of 32 double-sided wooden tiles with two distinct images on each are used in the game. Images on half of the tiles have blue backgrounds, while images on the other half have orange backgrounds.

Start by selecting eight tiles at random from your 32-tile set and setting them down in front of you, face down. Once all eight pieces are in place, flip the top tile over to expose the tile behind it. If your guess was accurate, move that tile across the board in your direction. If you made a mistake, pick another tile from your settings and retry until you get eight right. Only one word can be chosen at a time, so pick carefully!

Move one word closer to yourself and try again after you make a correct guess (by drawing a tile or just by knowing the word), continuing until you make eight consecutively correct guesses.

How to play Duotrigordle

Using mouse

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