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About Elementle

Elementle is a chemistry-related guessing game. You have five attempts to guess the element of the day. With each guess, you will receive a hint about the periodic number and category of the hidden element in relation to your selection. You can always consult the periodic table for clarification. This is a daily game that can only be played once per day; we tried it and are already looking forward to playing it again tomorrow so that we can share our results solving the word daily game with our friends.

Game Features

- One element per day

- Fewer assumptions

- Fewer categories

  • Alkaline earth metals and alkali metals
  • Metals in transition
  • Metalloids and metals in transition
  • Diatomic, Polyatomic, and Noble gases
  • Lanthanides and actinides are two types of lanthanides.

- Improved periodic table (graying out impossible elements)

- Saves progress as you play, even when you refresh

How to play Elementle

- View different time periods by clicking an arrow.

- To use an element as a guess, simply click on it.

- A green checkmark will appear if it is correct.

- A yellow triangle will appear if it is within range.

- If it is incorrect, a red X will appear.

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