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Feudle challenges players to identify the secret word up to six times to find the answer to the question "How does Google autocomplete this search?" Color coding will assist you in determining how close you are to the word. You can figure out how many letters are in the hidden word by counting the number of tiles that are horizontally aligned. On this website, users can play a free online game of Feudle.

In Feudle, players are shown the beginning of a Google search and must guess the most commonly searched-for phrase that Google's autocomplete function will provide. The game gives players six chances to guess the correct phrase, with each incorrect guess resulting in a strike. If a player receives six strikes, the game is over.

Feudle is a fun and educational game that can help players learn more about the most commonly searched-for phrases on Google. It's free to play online, and it can be a fun way to kill time while learning something new.

Here's a quick rundown of how to play Feudle:

- Use your preferred web browser to access our website.

- The game will show you the start of a Google search and a blank space where you can enter your guess for the most frequently searched-for phrase that Google's autocomplete function will provide.

- Enter your guess and hit enter to submit it.

- If your guess is correct, incorrect, or partially correct, the game will tell you.

- If your guess is incorrect, you will receive a strike.

- Before the game ends, you have six chances to guess the correct phrase.

- If you're not sure about your guess, you can use a hint to reveal a letter in the correct answer, but you'll lose a strike.

- The game can be played alone or with others.

That's all! The game is simple to play, but guessing the correct phrase can be difficult, especially if the beginning of the search is obscure or vague.

How to play Feudle

Using mouse

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