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A Wordle-inspired word game called Foodle was invented by Daniel Anyanwoke. The main distinction between Foodle and Wordle is that players must react to questions about food in Foodle.

Wordle with Foodle is the perfect game for you if you love eating, cooking, dining out, nourishing yourself, and anything else in between! It can be challenging to create a Wordle about any aspect of food, but it's also a lot of fun and a great way to explore ideas you might not have previously thought of.

Players can enter any word into Foodle, but it's far more entertaining to think of food-related replies! Here, Foodle enters the picture. It's still a word game, but you have to think of food-related responses in place of any word. It's just as challenging as Wordle, but much funnier!

A great game for stimulating the brain is called Foodle. Generating results that are related to food, it elevates Wordle. How many of your responses are about food? Your understanding of the definitions of common food phrases will be put to the test by Foodle.

You'll like this new spin on an old favorite if you like word games. Now let's play Foodle for free!

How to play foodle

Using mouse

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