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Game Cafe Escape

It’s been a while since the last Escape game from Japan. You have not been in a gaming mood lately, but now you need something to relax and get your mind off things. You browse the Internet for some solutions, but nothing seems to work for you. Then you see it, an advertisement for a new escape game. How can you pass up on something like that? It is going to be interesting at least. After signing up for the game and waiting an hour or so, you are finally taken to an observation room where the rest of your team will be waiting for you. It seems like they do this just to freak people out, but hey, who cares right? Let’s just get this over with and find out what we are getting ourselves into sooner than later. You are one of seven participants in this game and it seems like there are more than just the two teams camping outside of your room trying to solve puzzles and feed hidden cameras without being caught by security guards Just kidding! Anyway, you think that with so many people participating in this escape room it might become easier with time… but no such luck! You don’t know who set these puzzles or why they even did it or anything of that matter as far as you can tell at this point. 

Do you have what it takes to escape from the jail cell? The Japanese game cafe ‘Cherry’ is notorious for its harsh prison conditions. You must find a way out before the guard returns! Good luck and good gaming! Explore the Jail, solve puzzles, find items, unlock doors and make your way to freedom before time runs out in this point-and-click logic puzzle game. Search for clues and use your logical reasoning skills to solve puzzles. Explore all rooms of the jail cell and discover hidden passageways that may lead you to freedom. There are plenty of hidden objects and secret passages available in this point-and-click escape game. Find useful items, unlock doors, search cabinets and solve puzzles to reach the final room where the key to freedom lies. Use a flashlight when exploring at night; go easy when solving physics-based puzzles; try not to touch any sharp objects in each room because it could be dangerous; use only one key with care; avoid touching anything red like trap or alarm system as well as anything blue that may indicate a hidden passage or elevator; try not to touch anything yellow as it indicates some kind of hidden surveillance system or camera so be careful while choosing where you want to step next in this escape game. Good luck and have fun playing Game Cafe Escape

This is a point-and-click logic puzzle game. You have been locked up in the Japanese Game Cafe for being the slowest gamer and must find hints to escape. Good luck! This game is one of the Japan Escape series from Eoxy2, a developer who loves games so much that it has turned into a career. 

Challenge yourself with the new Escape Game Cafe! Work as a professional in this virtual cafe and help your customers find the hidden object within the given time limit! You as the player must think and act quickly to accomplish all of your customers’ requests. The level of difficulty will increase as you progress through the game. Good luck!

This game is an escape game You can find more games like this from here. In this game, you are Locked in a room with locked doors, keys, and codes. Try to find hidden objects or solve puzzles to Unlock the door and Escape from the Room.

How to play Game Cafe Escape

Controls Use the left mouse button to interact.

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