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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic is a 3D simulation and puzzle game for Android. Its purpose is to train your logic and problem-solving skills. You must solve mechanical problems in order to complete levels successfully. There are many different vehicles, machines, tools, and other devices that you can use in the game. Since the game has several different types of levels there are four different difficulty modes available: Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. 

Do you love playing games but hate the time it takes to complete them? Are you looking for a game that does not require constant interaction or has the ability to be played in short bursts? Look no further because this article is about games perfect for killing time. Those are some of the best games you can play when you have some spare time and nothing better to do. 

Are you a mechanic? Are you good at solving puzzles? Do you have a creative mind? If your answer is yes to all these questions, this game is for you! You will have fun playing this virtual mechanic simulator game! In this puzzle game, you will solve puzzles and design cars by matching 3D parts. The levels are harder as you progress through the levels. The cars are very realistic and look like they are coming straight out of a garage.

This is a puzzle game in which you have to put the components into their can choose from more than 30 puzzles ranging from easy to game offers three gameplay modes: “Z’s Journey”,“Challenge Mode” and “Tutorial Mode” that are all different from the one you are a casual gamer or you want to become a hardcore player, we believe that you will find something interesting.

Start your career as a mechanic in the garage of an auto repair shop! Follow the blueprints and fix different broken mechanical devices. Use your logic and expertise as a mechanic to complete all the challenges. As you progress, new mechanics will be added to the garage. They are eager to learn from you, so help them fix their broken machinery. 

How to play Genius Mechanic

Controls Use the right mouse button to rotate the camera. Hold the left ctrl to move the camera Use the mouse wheel for zoom

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