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Grab The Sushi

Grab The Sushi is a fast, fun, and hyper-casual arcade game that challenges players to be the quickest and most strategic in grabbing sushi from a conveyor belt. How quickly can you strategically grab the correct colored sushi to rack up points? Begin your journey as an apprentice Sushi Chef and master the art of eating Sushi! In Sushi, Grab players take control of an apprentice Sushi Chef who is learning the art of eating Supendous amounts of sushi without making a mess. Players must strategically grab the correct colored sushi from the conveyor belt to score points. 

The player will be tasked with grabbing pieces of sushi. But that’s not all! We’re sure you’ll love this new take on the age-old game of soggy rules that are simple:

• Grab as much sushi as you can before time runs out.

• If you catch a piece of wasabi, it will burn your fingers and reduce your hand size until you catch something else or lose the game.

• Avoid touching the other pieces of food or you will get messy and lose the game. The faster and more accurately than you play, the higher your score will be – think speed and accuracy in addition to

Grab The Sushi is a fast-paced arcade game from indie developer Hyper Curious. It's also one of the most addictive new games that came out this week. In Sushi, you play as an eager apprentice working your way through a series of increasingly difficult tasks to become a Sushi Master. There are two ways to win: either serve all the customers before they leave or fill up a Bell to keep them coming back for more. 


How to play Grab The Sushi

Using Mouse

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