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Guess My Sketch

Guess My Sketch is a fun and interactive game with only one objective: guess the sketch your opponent is drawing! With only limited amount of time to finish the sketch, what strategy will you use?

Let your creative juices flow with this fun and challenging sketch guessing game! You will love this social, multiplayer and interactive game that involves a lot of drawing, guessing, tapping and collaboration. As you progress through the game and unlock new levels, the difficulty also increases. There are multiple stages in the game where you will have to focus hard to win. If you enjoy playing games like Draw Something or Pictionary with friends, you’ll love This game too. It is an exciting 2 player game that pits your visual perception skills against those of another player – see if you can guess what your friend is trying to convey through their drawings.

This amazing game is a multiplayer, guessing game where you have to help your partner guess the sketched image by giving him as many hints as possible. You’ll be given different types of hints such as visual, combine or double meaning that you have to use one type of hint per turn. You can also take a picture which you can use as a visual clue in future games. This game is great for getting to know someone better or for practicing your observation skills. 

This one is an amazing 2 player game with a simple task: guess the hidden sketch. You will have to use your visual and logical thinking to outsmart your opponent. Are you ready to test your visual skills? Let’s begin! In this article, we will tell you all about this game - its rules, how to play, and tips.


How to play Guess My Sketch

Using Mouse

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