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Hangman Animals

These Hangman Animals will keep your students engaged and practicing their vocabulary. Each worksheet contains a list of animals with blank spaces to be filled in by your students. There is also another list with clues and phrases or words that can be used as the solution for the hangman puzzle. Have fun teaching with these engaging hangman animals.

If you love hangman games and animals, this is the perfect combination for you! In our new game Hangman Animals, you will be asked to guess the names of various animals. If you get stuck, you can check the picture clue to find out which part of the animal you are missing. Test your vocabulary now.

If you love animals, you’ll love our new Hangman game. This fun, challenging and educational game will test your knowledge and vocabulary about animals. With a focus on mammals, this Hangman game offers 25 different animals to guess their names. Ready to explore the world of animals?

If you like Hangman and word searches, you’ll love this game! It’s a combination of both. You get to guess letters to uncover animals, food, and other things to do with animals. Once you uncover enough letters, you can see what the word is and move on to the next level. 

In this Hangman Animals game, you will guess the name of the animal. If you cannot guess the answer, you will be informed about its appearance and habits. If you like this game, you should also check our other hangman games: Hangman Zoo, Hangman Pets, and Hangman Farm.

How to play Hangman Animals

Using Mouse

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